October 3, 2017

Training Program

Training Program

Semi-private sports performance training

We assess each athlete and develop an advanced individualized program to prevent injury and increase performance. Our integrated training program uses individually specific pre-hab, range of motion, activation, movement prep, reactive, speed, power, strength, and energy system development along with advanced performance analysis and sport science technology to take your performance to the next level.
Our semi-private training is based off a package of sessions.               

90 minutes Monday-Thursday at 4pm or 5:30pm. 

Cost is 8 sessions for $249
14 sessions for $359
18 sessions for $399

Group / Team sports performance training

Elite athlete training

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We offer 2 different personal training options:

Semi-private personal training
Develop a routine that works with the most innovative and interactive personal training club in the world! Our training club helps you feel, move, and perform better. Our training is focused on getting your body healthy, stronger, and more efficient in your daily routine.

We offer semi-private personal training monthly for an hour twice a week.